Long Beach, CA​


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Our Sleuth of Bears

Being a based out of Long Beach, all of our actors are from the Long Beach and surrounding areas.


Adriana Zatarian

Bonnie Dolan

Cecilia Rodriguez

Pat Tabari

Shane Monaghan

Shelley Norfleet

Vicoria Melkonyan

About Rover the Bear

Why theatre with a Bear???

Last September the minds of April Sigman-Marx and Amanda Martin came together and decided that they wanted to create a ​piece of theatre that would be beneficial to not only adult but also reach the younger audiences as well.  Young Audiences use their imagination in an astounding way and can visualize imaginary or suggested things so much quicker than someone who grew out of the playful mindset of a child.  The stories that continue to be told are ones that based off of stories that April's parents used to tell her as a child.